zondag 1 juli 2018

tutorial presets in blender Medium



When trying to learn something about pose making or even making a custom animation, you will find that there are very few tutorials online. Also on YouTube there is not much to be found. 

The tutorials on Sims 4 Studio (S4S) cover the basics and they do that just fine. The more advanced stuff isn't there yet. 

So I made this mini tutorial. 

Presets are very handy when you make a custom animation. Animating is a time consuming task. Everything that can help to reduce the work is just fine.

So I figured out how you can make your own preset. The rig used is the Nanashi (comes in several versions) and the creator made presets that come with the rig. But yeah...... if you want your own stuff?

Just watch my video on YouTube. It is not difficult to do.

you can also watch my next post.

There I will post the screenshots and explain in writing how to do this.

Happy Simming!

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Vragen, opmerkingen of aanvullingen kun je hier kwijt. Ook verzoeken om tutorials te maken c.q. te vertalen of te bewerken.