donderdag 6 juli 2017

Boring boring: again WIP Flamenco animation

Yes I know it's boring. 

I am still busy learning, practising how to animate. Finally I found some tutorials by FlowersSimFactory. Sometimes a bit long, not entirely on focus (hey I recognise that kind of behaviour). But he has some very usefull tips I wanted to bring in practise. 

So here is the beginning of the animation. Only the steps or footwork. I might make it somewhat longer. I will see about that later.

Please comment and if you dou in a constructive way. I might take note of your remarks if usefull to me. If you have any questions, leave a message.

Happy Simming

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Vragen, opmerkingen of aanvullingen kun je hier kwijt. Ook verzoeken om tutorials te maken c.q. te vertalen of te bewerken.